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Just a quick follow-up, summarizing discussions on IRC and phone:

We might change the model to have a permanent devel branch, e.g.
"v3-devel" and then branch the release branches (v3-4, v3-5...)
off that.

But we have time to think about that after 3.2.0 is released.
This is just to mention the idea before people start bringing
it up again... :-)
For now, simply treat v3-3-test as the devel branch.

Thanks to Karolin and Jerry for their efforts to finally
get 3.2.0 out of the door!

Cheers, Michael

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> To clarify this some:
> Please treat v3-2-test as you would v3-0-test. Just keep working
> in the v3-3-test branch as normal.
> I realize that v3-2-stable and v3-2-test have diverged some already
> and will be manually reviewing the diffs to bring the two back
> in line together. I'll post work early next week on this.
> Hopefully it won't be too hard. We probably should have branched
> earlier. Live and learn.
> Thanks all.
> cheers, jerry
> Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> > Folks,
> >=20
> > The v3-2 code base is officially frozen now. Karolin is finishing
> > the 3.2.0pre3 release. I've branched the v3-2-test to v3-3-test.
> > All future work should go in this branch which will become the
> > November release.
> >=20
> > All future check-ins to the 3-2-test branch must meet the agreed
> > upon criteria of:
> >=20
> > 1. Has an bug report on file,
> > 2. Fixes either a crash, compile, error regression, or
> > issue that renders a feature unusable. The last being
> > more vague and up for discussion based on the amount
> > of change necessary
> > 3. Have a fairly low risk of introducing a regression
> > 4. Passes "make test"
> >=20
> > Thanks again to Karolin for her hard work on the 3.2.0 release
> > preparation.

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