Rick Johnson wrote:
> Adam Williams wrote:
>> what are the settings on the share you're trying to mount? does it
>> have something like valid users = rickj

> Well, that is hard to determine. If you're asking whether the drive
> has something like an "smb.conf" file containing share settings the
> answer is no. The only access I have to the Maxtor drive is via a
> browser interface. I have used the menu in that to set all files for
> full public access, but beyond that I have no finer control. (I have

So in public mode, it's probably going to throw all user info away and
map everything to a universal id. Have you looked closely at the file
perm/ownership from the Windows client? Saved files as joe user & then
jane user - does it keep the distinction? I'll venture no.

If it's possible, have you tried setting up individual users through the
nas interface?

Could also just work with the fact that no perm/owner info will be kept.
Collect that info & store it to a file. A recursive getfacl to collect &
setfacl to restore could do the trick.

> found via www.openmss.org that the underlying filesystem of the drive
> is Linux - reiser I think - but beyond that I have no data on the
> filesystem other than what I see when I smbmount the drive.)

Perhaps there's a way to break into the Linux the nas is running &
change stuff to your suiting.

I've heard many times of people with an appliance trying to do something
beyond its intended function & hitting a brick wall. Your situation is
why I never recommend an appliance to anyone other than a pure,
non-hacker, non-power type Windows user. A NAS type distro or even a
full distro on a junker PC would be a better solution. More work, but
better results.

Toby Bluhm
Alltech Medical Systems America, Inc.
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