Before I file a bug report, I just wanted to check that samba is capable
of serving files from a FAT32 partition. I have here an OpenBSD-4.2
i386 machine here with a second disk containting files that I will be
sharing via both NFS and samba. The NFS share work great, but samba seg
faults upon a windows client connecting. This occurs when using the
OpenBSD package, and also when built from scratch using the most recent
version of samba (downloaded yesterday).

If I change the share path to a directory on a UFS partition, all is

I can not get a stack trace, as even with symbols enabled, the log tells
me that it cannot make a core dump for this architecure.

I can however get a "log level = 10" paste later today if needed.

Is this a bug or a limitation in samba?



Best Regards

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