On Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 03:15:41PM +0200, Martin Zielinski wrote:
> Hello list, gurus ...
> I'm totally aware that printing is not in the focus of development.
> That's ok, since few people seem to use it and the team members are very
> busy with things, I don't even have an idea how they work ;-)
> So hopefully noone feels affected, when I start a next try to push some
> printing patches upstream:
> 1st is a patch fixing two issues with Vista64 clients, which happen
> sporadically. If one had a 0x6f7 error with printer drivers - try it out.
> 2nd patch fixes an obvious bug in the detection of driver files in use.
> Currently files may be deleted, that are in use by other drivers.
> ================================================== ==================
> the next patches are all about the handling of comment and location
> strings of the printers:
> 3rd patch adds a function to update the ADS entry of a published
> printer, when the location or comment string has been altered.
> 4th patch adds the option to set the location string of a printer with
> rpcclient.
> 5th patch. For historical reasons Samba ignores the location string of
> the underlying printing system (if there is one).
> This patch changes this. If no location string is set, then the location
> will be set to that one from the spooler (made especially for cups).
> So than the "cups_pull_comment_and_location" call can be omitted.
> This call still results in total traffic bloat if no comment or location
> string is set. It should be removed.
> 6th patch adds a function to keep the strings in sync with cups when the
> user changes the strings from windows. This function might collide with
> an "addprinter command" - if one is set - because it will be executed
> after the function.
> -------------------------------------
> all patches can be found at: ftp://ftp.seh.de/people/martin/

FYI: I'm going through these and merging them. Jerry is
testing for 3.2 final, and we'll probably also back-port
to 3.0.x. It would still be great if you'd post them on
the list as well.

Thanks, these look great work and are much appreciated.