Achim Gottinger schrieb:
> denis rohou schrieb:
>> Hello
>> i've samba 3.022 with a ldap 2.2.26. I've no pb to join domain with my
>> win2000, but when I reboot I'm reject (bad username ...).
>> I find in debug that the first param sent by the client was the login
>> and I think it must be the machines name.
>> Any idee ?

> Hi denis,
> I have the same problem here. I can no longer login with an domain
> account from a win2k workstation.
> I have no problems leaving and joining the domain and i can connect
> shares maualy but the computer-account seems to be defect.
> This workstation worked fine for years, other w2k workstations in the
> domain dont have this problem.
> I tried to delete the account manually with smbldap-userdel rejoined
> and i'm still gettin rejected.
> Have you found a fix for your workstation?
> achim~

Well it turned out ldap replication had failed, after copying the master
database to the slaves things worked again. :-)
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