Gerald (Jerry) Carter schrieb:
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> Martin Zielinski wrote:
>> Hello list, gurus ...
>> I'm totally aware that printing is not in the focus of development.
>> That's ok, since few people seem to use it and the team members are very
>> busy with things, I don't even have an idea how they work ;-)

> Hey Martin, Any chance these patches are in git and you could send
> using git-format-patch? Historically we asked for patches to be

Well, this is one of the things, I mentioned above ...

No, serious: I out of office next weeks, and in this time I'll try to
learn enaugh about it, to do so.

> send to the list or posted in Bugzilla in order to track the
> implicit consent to include under the existing license (e.g GPL)
> that comes with posting to the project development list.

I received some mailings with a "smb.conf is attached" statement in it -
but without attachment. So I thought, this might be the safer way.

And I don't think it is possible to play with GPL'ed software and put
the changes under a different license. So everything is just a GPL'ed