Sorry for not responding in a long time, I been really busy these days.

To kill the process, I use "kill -9 " as root =
it do nothing, no error message and the process still run.

I found the possible source of this problem : each night we have a =
server (running opensuse 10.3) that connect to the file server (mount -t
cifs ...) copy the files on his own hard drive, umount the share and =
start transferring the files on tapes. When I check the swat status page =
the morning and "ps aux | greo smbd", I got like 20 process or more =
for the backup server file transfer and all those process can't be kill =
"sudo kill -9 pid". From this point some smbd process, that are created =
normal user use, can't die either and keeps lock on files. One night, I
shutdown the backup server and the next day every thing was working
normally, no unkillable process.

Thank you,

Mathieu Beaudoin
Responsable des T.I.
CVT Corp
Technologies de vitesse variable
Variable Speed Technologies

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TCP_NODELAY is still usefull and has a noticeable improvement in
responsiveness. SO_RCVBUF=3D8192 and SO_SNDBUF=3D8192 are outdated and
actually make things worse if running with a 2.6 kernel (they do help if
running on a 2.4 kernel). But I too, am sure changing these will not
fix your problem (but probably will improve network performance).

How are you killing the open files? With "kill -9"? I kill locked,
open files by finding the pid with lsof and then close it with "sudo
kill -9 pidnumber". I've never had kill -9 fail me and I imagine you
would have to have serious kernel problems if kill -9 failed to kill a


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I've seen written here many times that the TCP options are old/no longer
needed. Not that I expect that removing them will fix anything.

Seems to me you have an awful lot things defined specifically there. I
don't know how those relate to the defaults. Or is that testparm -v

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