Hi Helmut,

I'll give it a try. Just for my curiosity, is there a way to bypass Samba's authentication?

Thank you!

Helmut Hullen wrote:
> Hallo, Pakorn,
> Du (pakorn) meintest am 24.04.08:
>> There's a lot of different users who will log into the workstation,
>> all of them are not superuser, therefore they can't run mount command
>> and specify their samba username/password. I tried to create a Samba
>> account for each machine, say machine1 and put the username/password
>> in /etc/fstab.

> These entries in "/etc/fstab" are not necessary, they only allow to
> shorten the mount options.
> Some colleagues and I have played with many option to mount shares from
> a Linux Samba server on many linux clients.
> First: may be the username may not be "root" but some other user.
> Second: our actual way is mounting
> a) via a special script in "/etc/profile.d" which is run when the user
> logs in using CLI (and bash).
> b) via a special entry in "Xsession" which is run when the user logs in
> using the GUI
> or
> c) via an icon on the (GUI) desktop which reads the desired username and
> password and then mounts the (pre-defined) shares.
> a and b run automatically, c runs only on demand.
> One problem: client's (or user's) authentification on the server. I've
> read that it needs "winbind" - may be. "winbind" seems to need PAM, and
> slackware (my favorite server distribution) runs without PAM.
> I won't install LDAP on the server only for authentification - it brings
> in other difficulties.
> ------------------------
> You can read (in german) the discussion in
> http://www.listserv.dfn.de/cgi-bin/w...4&L=schul-netz
> under the titles:
> "Neu"vorstellung, Linux-Client an Server, anmeldescript linux,
> anmeldescript linux (was: "Neu"vorstellung), Domaenenanmeldung mit
> Linux-Clients, Samba mit SuSE-Client (was: [SN] "Neu"vorstellung), Samba
> per SuSE-Client, smbnetfs
> Viele Gruesse!
> Helmut

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