On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Helmut Hullen wrote:

> Du (michaelh) meintest am 24.04.08:
>>> You may set the SUID flag for "mount,cifs" and "umount.cifs" on the
>>> server.

>> That could be a security hazard.

> One mistake (from me): these flags must be set on the client. The client
> tries to mount, and it uses its local "mount.cifs".
>> If we assume that cifs unix
>> extensions can be made to work, I could bring in my laptop which
>> contains a SUID root binary and mount it to my workstation.

> But (regarding my error correction): ypu always can set the SUID flag on
> your laptop's "mount.cifs"!
> The server has to decide wether it will accept the mount try.

I think there's some confusion between setting /sbin/mount.cifs setuid, and
having suid as a mount option.


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