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Du (pakorn) meintest am 24.04.08:

> There's a lot of different users who will log into the workstation,
> all of them are not superuser, therefore they can't run mount command
> and specify their samba username/password. I tried to create a Samba
> account for each machine, say machine1 and put the username/password
> in /etc/fstab.

These entries in "/etc/fstab" are not necessary, they only allow to
shorten the mount options.

Some colleagues and I have played with many option to mount shares from
a Linux Samba server on many linux clients.

First: may be the username may not be "root" but some other user.
Second: our actual way is mounting

a) via a special script in "/etc/profile.d" which is run when the user
logs in using CLI (and bash).

b) via a special entry in "Xsession" which is run when the user logs in
using the GUI

c) via an icon on the (GUI) desktop which reads the desired username and
password and then mounts the (pre-defined) shares.

a and b run automatically, c runs only on demand.

One problem: client's (or user's) authentification on the server. I've
read that it needs "winbind" - may be. "winbind" seems to need PAM, and
slackware (my favorite server distribution) runs without PAM.

I won't install LDAP on the server only for authentification - it brings
in other difficulties.


You can read (in german) the discussion in


under the titles:
"Neu"vorstellung, Linux-Client an Server, anmeldescript linux,
anmeldescript linux (was: "Neu"vorstellung), Domaenenanmeldung mit
Linux-Clients, Samba mit SuSE-Client (was: [SN] "Neu"vorstellung), Samba
per SuSE-Client, smbnetfs

Viele Gruesse!
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