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On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 01:25:45PM +0200, Ralph B=F6hme wrote:
> I was planning to write some improvements to the vfs_netatalk module. As
> it seems with the upcoming Samba 4 this is a dead horse, isn't it?
> So I read through the available developer documentation and example
> modules for ntvfs. I am a bit lost and can not find a starting point on
> how to implement vfs functionaliy with ntfs.
> Are there any ongoing effort to port the existing Samba 3 vfs plugins to
> Samba 4? Any advice?

I can not really authoritatively speak for Samba4, but I can
assure you that Samba3 is very much an actively developed
project that will be supported for quite a while.

What improvements do you plan?


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