I've been trying to get a solution (or at least an explanation) from the FreeBSD guys
at freebsd-questions lists, but I guess no one knew the answer.

I am trying to run Samba 3 (latest) in a FreeBSD 7.0 jail
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeBSD_Jail). It seems I cannot convince Samba to answer
NetBIOS broadcast requests and therefore Windows machines cannot browse it directly
by name (\\machine).

I know I can set up DNS and/or WINS to achieve what I want, but I would like to understand
why I can't simply use NetBIOS broadcasts. If I put Samba (the same configuration) out of
FreeBSD jail, everything works nicely. If I put it back into the jail, it just doesn't
respond - the nmbd is running, though; sockstat output follows:

root smbd 1436 18 tcp4 *:*
root smbd 1436 19 tcp4 *:*
root nmbd 1430 6 udp4 *:*
root nmbd 1430 7 udp4 *:*
root nmbd 1430 8 udp4 *:*
root nmbd 1430 9 udp4 *:*
root nmbd 1430 12 dgram -> /var/run/logpriv

So it listens at the correct IP address (of the jail).

Any ideas how to debug this? How to find out why Samba doesn't respond to NetBIOS broadcast
requests when running in jail?

My smb.conf is here: http://stuff.skoberne.net/smb.conf

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