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On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 11:24:16AM +0200, Bj=F6rn Jacke wrote:
> if you really want you can do that. But to me this looks too complex=20
> to do for what it's worth. Leaving "ldap timeout" as deprecated and=20
> use it for both new ldap timeout parameters - but what should be done=20
> if the new parameters are also set? Is the "ldap timeout" overwriting=20
> the "ldap operation/connection timeout" timeout or vice versa? There=20
> are so many changes in smb.conf configuration in minor releases that=20
> require smb.conf adjustment. Compared to other changes this is really=20
> a small change and just fine for a 3.2 release I think.

If both "ldap timeout" and the new parameters are set, the
new, more specific ones will overwrite.


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