Is it possible to take a SSHA password from an ldif and create a proper
sambaNTpassword from it? Here's the scenario: the ldap servers in our
organization do not have the samba schema installed and the likelihood
of that happening is slim. I still want to provide clients with as
close to a single sign on solution as possible and I can get an ldif of
the accounts I need. However, the password field is SSHA and I will
still need to generate sambaLMpassword and sambaNTpasswd fields (along
with the rest, but that part is a wrapper script around smbldap-utils
away.) There is a remote possibility of getting these hashes generated
by an Identity Management Server, which would make the problem go away.
The IDM solution is remote, as the admin for it is already
overworked, so parsing an ldif seems to be the best solution at the moment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Matt Richardson
IT Consultant
College of Arts and Letters
CSU San Bernardino
work: (909)537-7598
fax: (909)537-5926

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