I meant to specify: it has a noticeable improvement ON MY SYSTEM. This
is from a personal, subjective view and I don't know that I've verified
this from any other documentation. I just want to point this out
because it COULD have been all in my head. I don't think overall
transfer speed changed, but directory listings and opening up small
files seemed to be faster.


P.S. Sorry for the formatting, but I'm posting this from Outlook which
is not very mailing-list-friendly.

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On 4/21/2008, James A. Dinkel (jdinkel@bucoks.com) wrote:
> TCP_NODELAY is still usefull and has a noticeable improvement in
> responsiveness.

this is contrary to what the Samba devs have repeatedly said in the

I hope someone will chime in here and set the record straight...


Best regards,


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