Hi Jim,

I'm totally aware of that. We're compiling our own binaries so there is no
vendor around this. But since we've a this internal politic, I'll commit
myself to follow your cycle of support

Thanks for your clarification

Yannick Bergeron

"Jim McDonough"
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2008-04-21 11:46

jerry@samba.org, samba-technical@lists.samba.org
Re: Timed releases, versions, etc... [was Re: Freeze proto.h?]

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 11:35 AM, wrote:
> with your proposition, how long would each release be maintained?
> This is kinda important for us to know because we've a politic to not

> unsupported software (for bugs and security issues).

Keep in mind that this is a samba.org statement of support, not a
vendor statement, so if you are running a vendor's package, it could
be a shorter or longer period than whatever samba.org chooses.

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