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Jim McDonough wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 11:35 AM, wrote:
>> with your proposition, how long would each release be maintained?
>> This is kinda important for us to know because we've a politic to not run
>> unsupported software (for bugs and security issues).

> Keep in mind that this is a samba.org statement of support, not a
> vendor statement, so if you are running a vendor's package, it could
> be a shorter or longer period than whatever samba.org chooses.

Yup. Great point. From upstream, I think a 6month overlap in releases
might be enuf.

So 3.2 would be supported for a total of 12 months from the
initial .0 release. 6 months during thr 3.3 development obviously
and then for 6 months following the 3.3 release. So at post a
6 month overlap on support between production releases.

cheers, jerry
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