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> For almost 10 years our school has been using samba as a PDC to provide a
> network drive for each of our students,. Now I need to install a domain
> member server (DMS) to share the load. I am running samba 3.0.28 on
> Fedora 7 using the tdbsam backend on the PDC. I have successfully brought
> up a samba DMS using winbind and the idmap_rid backend.
> I want to have all new students use the DMS for their roaming profiles and
> for their network drive. Upon first logon of a new user, a directory is
> automatically created for the user in the profile share on the DMS.
> However, I don?t know how to cause the home directory to be created on the
> DMS for the network drive. On XP Pro, the user home share shows up on the
> DMS, but is not accessible because the directory does not exist.
> If at this point, I copy the roaming profile directory for the user (which
> is empty) to the home directory, then the home directory is now present
> with the proper ownership and the home drive is now usable by the user.
> e.g. on the DMS, with userid ?mark?
> cp ?a /var/samba/profiles/mark /home
> The [homes] share on the DMS is
> [homes]
> Path = /home/%U
> comment = Home Directories
> browseable = no
> writable = yes
> available = yes
> public = no
> So my question is how can I get the home directory for a user created with
> the proper ownership the first time the user signs in? Is there any kind
> of script that can be invoked on the DMS? Is there any way winbind can
> create the home directory when it creates the UID/GID for the user?

Yes, read the docs on this one -- I've seen it in there. What you may be
missing is that generally whatever calls adduser/useradd/whatever your
system calls it can be told what to use as a skel directory (a standard
one is /etc/skel, but you can have more than one and use a flag to point
it to the right one).


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