Stan Dolson wrote:
> I have a question about DFS and Samba.
> I'm responsible for a Samba VFS and smb.conf management
> in our product. Part of the product updates smb.conf and
> manages a DFS setup. We're using 3.0.25c.
> We've noticed that if you connect to a Samba share through
> the DFS from a Windows desktop that the connection to the
> share is periodically dropped and reestablished on client
> demand.
> I've been assuming this was something done by the client
> but I cannot find anything about this anywhere in Microsoft
> documentation. Perhaps I'm not doing the right Google
> search ;-)

MS *may* be allowing their clients to time out
earlier on DFS mounts, so as to recover quicker if
one server crashes and another could (in principle)
pick up for it.

Samba arguably shouldn't care, as long as the
reconnection is clean...

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