Subject: trouble with logging Windows XP pro in samba4
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 17:51:29 +0000

Hello Everybody
First I want to said thanks for the great job you've been done with samba4.

I'm french and I live in Reunion Island near South Africa.

Sorry if i'm english is wrong lol.=20

Here my trouble.

I follow the how to on the wiki samba.

I successfully join the domain I create.

But when I try to log a user on windows xp ( create via swat and configure =
in 2003 active directory) I get an error like username or password is wrong=

On samba, when I chek log I can see this error : Kerberos: Failed to decryp=
t PA-data.

I take some information on net about windows encrypted method and kerberos/=

I would like to know if their an option or a configuration file for change =
encryption method if it's really this kind of problem.

In the other case someone can tell me what it's the trouble?

I use samba4 alpha3.=20

Thanks. I reallly need some help!! thanks.

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