Andrew Bartlett schrieb:
> On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 20:01 +0100, Timo Wingender wrote:
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>> I like to participate in Google Summer of Code this year. I am
>> especially interested in development of samba4 with LDAP-backend.

> This is a very interesting, but frustrating and painful area. If you
> are up for it, then it could be a great contribution, because I'm pretty
> much burnt out from working on it for so long.

I know ldap is not an easy area. I have some experiences in setting up
samba3 with an LDAP. But it is an relative difficult task to set it up
and to debug it. You need much knowledge of ldap and samba to set it up.
I think this could be much easier.
I am willing to put much effort in learning more about ldap and samba. I
think ldap is the best way to manage users.

> See my post on the LDAP backend above.
>> But I
>> have no overview over the current state of samba4. Reimplementing
>> something from samba3 is also a possibility. Any recommendations for a
>> small project which can be done in 3 month?

> One interesting but difficult project would be to move the DRSUAPI
> replication protocols from a one-way demo to a full, tested (ie include
> multi-server testsuite) two-way replication with AD. This would include
> changes to LDB to cope with the increased requirements of DRSUAPI
> replication (container objects are represented twice, linked attributes
> need more metadata).
> Another similar project might be to implement windows 2008 'read only
> DC' functionality in Samba4. This might be 'safer' than the two-way
> replication, but includes a lot of links that we would need to implement
> to pass off all secrets handling (including RPCs for verifying NTP
> packets, passwords etc).

It sounds much like ldap replication trough samba. Especially the first
one. The second says nothing to me. Should replication be done with
samba? I thought this is part of the ldap-server. Why doing it in samba too?
I thought more about the general integration of ldap. I'm not much
interested in replication. As I said above in my opinion support of ldap
is way to complicated in samba3. I don't know how this is with samba4.
But I think there is much to do to make it work out of the box for all

My problem is that the deadline for application is on March 31th. I
really want to put much work in it. Even before coding will start. But a
the moment I've no idea what have to be done in the current development
tree. I have not much time until end of next week. Otherwise I would
have an look at the source to get the current state.