This is the type of question better directed to the general user
community. The developers here try to spend their time focusing on
development and design. The user list is a more appropriate list. I
have copied that list as well.

FYI - If you have not read the Samba documentation yet you should start
there. It does a pretty good job of detailing Samba in a Windows
environment. If your definition of "multi-OS" goes beyond that, ask the
users list. Someone else out there may have a similar configuration as


On Fri, 2008-02-15 at 13:42 +0530, neeraj suriyal wrote:
> Dear Samba Team ,
> Can any one tell me how can i configure Samba as PDC in multi OS environment
> On 14/02/2008, feroz ahmed wrote:
> >
> > Dear Samba Team,
> >
> > In samba source repositary there are two branches "3.2 test" and "3.0test"
> > both of these will support windows 2008 server.
> >
> > My question is do samba team provide 2008 server support for the next
> > version of 3.0.x too???
> >


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