I have a server with samba+winbind+kerberos+AD sharing files. When users log in there is NO-DELAY communication with this server, but, after some minutes of inactivity there is a 5 secs. delay until the server starts offering data.

Log files don't show any net-split, neither user disconnections... there isn't any unusual info.

Have you any idea about this issue?

I think that relevant information about smb.conf could be like this (I can attach more if needed):

domain master = no
server string = myMachine
encrypt passwords = yes
max log size = 50
dns proxy = yes

Esteban Torres RodrÃ*guez
ÁREA DE SOPORTE TÉCNICO - Administración de Servidores
Subdirección de Sistemas Informáticos
Empresa Pública Desarrollo Agrario y Pesquero,
email: etorres@dap.es

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