Hi to all

We have moved our users from an NT domain to a samba domain

We have changed our terminal server from the NT domain to the samba domain

All seems to work fine, but we have found a problem we don't have if we login
in the terminal server but in the NT domain.

In the terminal the system should create a windows folder under c:\documents
and settings\username to store some .ini that an application need to modify
for each user. In this way each user can had his own .ini copy

When we had the users to log into the terminal server in the NT domain the
system was working this way.

Now that our users logs into the samba domain all of them share the same .ini
into the c:\windows directory.

We have examined the environment variables logged in the NT domain and in the
SAMBA domain (both cases in a terminal server session), and here is the

in the NT domain:

HOMEPATH = \Documents and Settings\username
HOMESHARE (undefined)

if i open a cmd session it starts at c:\Documents and settings\username

in the Samba Domain

HOMESHARE = \\server\username

if i open a cmd session it says that the home cannot be defined with UNC
naming and it opens at C:\

this is the proble that is causing the users to don't have his own .ini files
and chare the ones in c:\Windows

We are using windows nt policies provided by the samba server (stored as
ntconfig.pol under /var/lib/samba/netlogon). In this policies we had setup
some folder redirection (for My Documents and for the Desktop). This folder
redirection is working fine in both cases, logged in workstation or in a
terminal server session.

We have tried to fin a suitable template for terminal server to define this
variable, but none seems suitable. Also examining the registry this variables
seem to be defined in a volatile branch

Anyone has come to this problem?

How can i define this variable for each user upon login?


Un saludo.

Carlos Lorenzo Mat├ęs.
clmates AT mundo-r DOT com

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