Hi all,
I'm installing a pdc samba+openldap on a debian etch server.

I have this problem:
with ldap configuration ended successfully, I start samba for the first
time, so samba adds a sambaDomainName entry in ldap database. the
problem is that this entry has a wrong sid (different from the one
returned by net getlocalsid).

Then I have errors in granting privileges and so on.

In particular I have 2 different sids for domain (the one wrong) and or
netbios name (the one right).

Why? is it a samba bug? I use samba 3.0.24-6etch9.

Thanks in advance,


Dott. Fabio Marcone

2T srl
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Fax +39 - 0871- 571594
Email fabio.marcone(AT)duet.it
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