I've been tasked with creating a Samba file and print server and I
could use some help.

What I need to do is introduce this into a windows workrgoup consisting
of Win98/2K/XP machines without a centralized authentication server of
any kind.

The Samba server needs to serve 1 directory with read write access to
everyone. It also needs to serve 1-3 HP Laserjets (with internal
jetdirect NIC's) to the group as well.

Here are some of the limitations my manager has imposed on the project:

I can't use Samba as an authentication server.
Everyone has to have read/write access.
Everyone needs to print.
I have to use Suse 9.3

The one other caveat is that the access to the server needs to work
with users created "on the fly". In other words, I won't be able to
create a mirrored Unix account for every windows user that's put on the

I know this sound like it would be very insecure, but never the less
that's what I have to come up with.

I've seen example configurations involving "user-level" security that
still allows anonymous access where all file activity is "owned" by a
single pre-defined user. This would be ideal. But I don't understand
all the steps to setting this up. My understanding of Unix permissions
is a little shakey too.

Any help would be appreciated.