I have a solaris box which acts as a printserver for hundreds of
network printers. The clients are NT4 and XP. The special thing: All
printers are the same brand and are backward compatible to the same
printer driver so I have "printer driver = Kyocera FS-1700" in my
[printers] section.

This works quite nice with Samba 2.0. The printer driver is
preinstalled on the clients so I do not have to worry about driver
download. To connect to a network printer the client just needs to know
the printername and connects to \\printserver\printer without any
further steps needed. (I think I am doing lanman printing here)

Now I want to put a new printserver in place which does exactly the
same thing as before. Problem: I now have Samba 3.X and "printer
driver" in the printers section is no longer valid.I have tried "use
client driver = yes" and "disable spools = yes" but this does not work.
My clients always want to download a printer driver when I connect to a
printer share. Can I somehow get the old behaivior back ? Last chance
would be to downgrade samba on the new box which I want to avoid.

Can someone point me in the right direction ?