20 user switched network. desktop clients either win2k sp4 or xpp sp2.
fedora core 2 running samba 3.0 acting as PDC.

Computers are not able to accept logins due to the machine account
password being different/corrupted.

Attempted Resolutions
Tried removing computer(s) from domain and then rejoining: computer
gets SID as it joins domain. once computer has joined domain (post
required reboot), users can not logon due to the machine account
password being different.

Tried using vampire to pull accounts off to another box but all the
steps go fine until i try to import the groups, i get an NT_User_Error
from the shell.

Pretty much at a loss.

Please advise ASAP

Temporary Resolution
Moved users to local machine accounts as stop gap. Next step may be to
move server OS to Win or Mac. Lin has been very good but this is
really a big deal.