On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 03:27:23PM -0600, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> For those interested in Samba 3....
> I had planned a second 3.0.12pre release this friday. However,
> it is becoming apparent to me that some of the new features
> we are working on may take some more time (e.g. full svcctl support,
> support for MS print migrator, vl's winbind changes currently
> in trunk, etc...).
> With that in mind, we have several good fixes in SAMBA_3_0 plus
> new features that should probably be in production for many sites.
> SO how would people feel about moving towards 3.0.12rc1 this friday
> or monday. 3.0.11 was released on Feb 5. Moving to RC stage
> now would keep us close to the 4-6 delivery timeframe for stable
> releases. And then we could also stop worrying about pointing people
> to individual patches.
> There's still some show stopper bugs I think but we can focus on
> these and clean them up in RC stage. The current svn tree is
> pretty stable from my experience.
> I'll post a list of show stopper issues tomorrow sometime I hope.

I'm working on the Excel bugs - just fyi. Hope to get a fix today
or tomorrow.