A couple quick opinion questions ...

ext2/ext3/reiserfs have two ioctls needed for the chattr command to wor=
(chflags on bsd and MacOS). Are these reasonable to support remotely (=
seem fine to me, the extensions to Samba are minor? The valid flags a=
easy enough to mask against the supported list from the server (with mi=
tweak to the server in my, samba, case). I may want to make this a bu=
or mount option though (not sure what the precedent is on the name of s=
a mount option). There is some reasonable overlap it seems between bs=
and linux on these flags - and there are intriguing possibilities to us=
this optionally to change dos attributes to windows server (perhaps lim=
to archive? system? read-only? bits - since they are vaguely similar to=

some of the chattr flags)

2nd quick question - user_xattr is an ext2/ext3/reiserfs specific mount=

option (similar to acl in that it enables something which is otherwise
disabled). Although I support xattr and acls over the wire - not sure=

that it makes sense to default them turned off (in cifs) as ext2/ext3
apparently do. Today xattrs are a build option (not a mount option) in=

cifs vfs - and if xattrs are enabled acls are a mount option (ie specif=
"acl" or "noacl" default is on ie "acl"). Looks like I need to allow =
users to disable xattrs at mount time.

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