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Hi, Samba4 developers!

How much of the ldb API is set in stone?

Half a year ago I did some work to get rid of the RFC API, and in samba4 the
ldb API re-invents exactly the same API in a less functional varient. For
example currently you can't get paged results through that API (my current
favourite, but this should only display the point).

libcli/ldap/ outlines a "new" api, based on structures. Would you be willing to
convert the existing code to that kind of API? This would essentially mean to
re-implement much of ldb_tdb.c and the modules stuff. This API gives us the
full LDAP semantics while already being talloc based. Sooner or later (I
suspect rather soon...) we need more of the LDAP semantics than the current ldb
API provides anyway.

I might start looking at that, but this is not worth the effort if Samba4 can't
settle on that API.


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