I *believe* at this point we have a handle on what the bug is.

The problem seemed to be two-fold (and was not limited to OSX server,
but connecting to any OSX box with Windows File Sharing turned on...)

Users had been instructed to open an "explorer" window to connect to
\\ and log in, etc.

This works.

Some users were opening *Internet Explorer* instead of a Windows
Explorer window. This was connecting, but then giving the "Access is
Denied" error message upon opening the shares.

We could reproduce this.

However, the kicker was the installation of McAfee's VirusScan 8.0i.
If this program is installed, then the IE/"Access is Denied" bug pops
up. Removing ViruScan 8.0 (or reverting to 7.0) -- the problem seems
to have gone away.

The *real* oddity? Have VirusScan 8.0 installed. But set up a
*user* account (not an admin account). Then you can use IE to
connect to server.

Is this specifically a VirusScan 8.0/Samba 3.0.5 (on OSX) issue?

This, I don't know. I don't have a Windows File Server up and
running (or something running a later build of Samba) to test against.

If anybody does (who also happens to have VirusScan 8.0i installed)
-- I'd love to hear if it's failing against Samba 3.0.5 (or later)
under the same circumstances...

- Steve
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