i've said what i've said, you've said what you've said.

as long as you actually have learned from this experience
(something i am very dubious about, which is why i continue
to raise the matter) and make responsible and respectful decisions
as if samba had an ASF charter, i will let it rest.

btw - rather than correct the copyright messages on code
belonging to me, you chose to remove it: your choice.

have you also removed my copyrighted code from nmbd as well?

On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 03:04:38PM +1100, tridge@samba.org wrote:

> This isn't, however, an invite for you to start contributing code to
> Samba4. You know that we can never accept code from you again as you
> announced that you were repudiating the GPL, and you threatened to
> "revoke" the license on your existing code. I'm afraid that puts you
> in the same basket as SCO as far as ever contributing to Samba again.