If you wish to believe that I made those decisions more than 3 years
ago on the basis of not liking you, or on the basis of your shoe size,
or your hair color, thats up to you. My memory of it is that I made
the decisions on a technical basis, and I really don't give a damn if
you think otherwise. Since then I have made thousands of design
decisions about Samba, and I do not have the time or the patience to
debate every one of them for years to come.

It is now all ancient history. There have been well over 10 thousand
commits to Samba since then, and all of the code on which you are
basing your comments is long gone. You decided to fork the project,
and we wished you well in your effort. Please put your efforts into
making your new projects better rather than raking over these old

If you want to make design comments about Samba4, then please at least
read the Samba4 code first. It is painfully obvious that you haven't
tried to do that, and as a result your suggestions just don't make a
lot of sense.

This isn't, however, an invite for you to start contributing code to
Samba4. You know that we can never accept code from you again as you
announced that you were repudiating the GPL, and you threatened to
"revoke" the license on your existing code. I'm afraid that puts you
in the same basket as SCO as far as ever contributing to Samba again.

If you cannot live with this, and continue to rake over these ancient
decisions on the Samba lists then I will block you from posting. Your
rants are a distraction that we can do without.

Cheers, Tridge