Hello all,

This seems to be the right list to post this question, but, we recently ran
into trouble compiling samba-3.0.9 (with the samba.spec-sles9 and related
files from samba.org) on a PowerPC architecture (ppc64 on IBM iSeries with
SuSE SLES9) involving what seems to be a clash of library-types between
64bit referencing 32 bit libs.

The exact error reported by brp-lib64-linux
/lib64/libnss_wins.so.2: rpath to 32bit lib

The error was raised at the end of the compilation, prior to packaging of
the RPM binary package. Essentially, reading through the brp-lib64-linux
shell script, it's a script that makes sure that 64 libs don't reference
32bit libs.

Now, I want to override the target architecture of samba, so I can compile
the entire package in 32bit bin format without the possible existence of
64bit binaries (which seems to be the case).

Essentially, if I decide to ignore the error, when I run samba, it just
core-dumps at the first chance it gets.

What's the most effective way I can specify a target architecture build?