> + /* this are the bind info blobs returned (seemed to be const):
> + w2k3 7ffbff1f81a6ff5d80139441a372e9b779d70268f801000000 000000
> + w2k 7ffb1f00cb7fb9102391c143bda81fc90e0ff452f4000000
> + */

I see a different value from my two w2k3 servers. I suspect these are
not constant at all, and are either a property of the particular
install, or a property of the underlying store.

The values I see are:

7ffbff1fb78e758b6a809f4d840b0724412ee1df0402000000 000000
7ffbff1f1b796f7e41acad489ffed5da29e26c4ef801000000 000000

It doesn't look like the values are completely random, but they are
definately not a constant either.

What happens when you make our DRS server return completely random
data here? If it fails, the error message might give a clue. If it
doesn't fail, then I'd suggest continuing to return random values
until we work out what this field is for.

Cheers, Tridge