I can add acl with name have non ascii char and create file with non ascii char.

I modify unix charset = ISO8859-1 to unix charset = UTF-8 :

dos charset = cp850
unix charset = UTF-8
display charset = UTF-8

The acls work but i can't use this charset because :
smbclient //localhost/u2
Domain=[DOMNT] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.9]
smb: \> ls
. D 0 Fri Nov 26 13:09:21 2004
.. D 0 Fri Nov 26 13:12:53 2004
test2 0 Fri Nov 26 13:07:30 2004
e_ 0 Fri Nov 26 13:09:21 2004

34980 blocks of size 524288. 34179 blocks available

The file with accent is modify you can't see the accent you just see e_ (_
normaly is ť)

When i use net prc vampire i must use with utf-8 because ldap use utf-8 .

What is good charset?

Why i can add acl with group who have non ascii char?

I make getent group (group with non ascii char) :
Invit\C3\A9s du domaine:x:1591:
titi\C3\A9:x:1607:b,c,d,e,é,éé,f,ié,Invité,IU SR_NT2,misc,papaé,testé