I'm running a REHL 3 server which had previously been running perfectly
with security=ADS but after running redhat's up2date to install 3.0.7-1E
i started getting "Failed to verify incoming ticket!"

After speaking to Jeremy Allison at Linux Expo he suggested that I
needed the MIT 1.3.x version of kerberos installed, however rpm -qa |
grep krb5 reports


For the moment I have got the system back up and running by reverting to
security=domain however I would like to get the system up and running
correctly using *official* redhat rpms so that my system is correctly
covered by the support contract.

RedHat have tried to fob me off my saying that this isn't really
supported by their SLA and saying that it's a samba issue see

The last message from them helpfully told me "Samba 3.0.7 is now
officially released, you might want to try this version and see if that
resolve your current problem." even though 3.0.7 was released by them on
the 30th of september and that is was this new release that triggered my

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