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On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 10:09:46AM -0700, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> > You might want to look at what I have been working on in the Samba 4
> > scripting/swig directory. There's a README which tells you how to
> > get things working.
> >
> > It implements Python bindings for a subset of the DCERPC client library
> > routines. Sorry, no Perl bindings at the moment though.

> Hmm, in principle, it should be possible to generate bindings for Perl as
> well, I thought, and maybe Tcl ... however ...

Yes, but it's a lot harder as swig doesn't have good support for mapping
structures to the target language, and the Samba 4 RPC API is heavily
structure based.

> A big question is: Do we want to create yet another API. It would seem
> possible to port existing Windows code if the Windows API were made
> available as a (possibly) thin wrapper on top of the DCERPC client library

It's actually not another API. It's the same API as Samba 4 uses. If
someone is interested in writing C wrappers so that win32 programs can
be ported easily then that would be great. However the win32 API really
does suck, as does programming in C. (-: Using a scripting language
has many benefits and these I think is the value that the swig stuff


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