Okay, so...

Based on the info Andrew provided and some of the other comments in this
thread, it seems that the problem is:

- Linux/Posix supports locking semantics that are different from those
used by Windows.

I knew, generally, this was a problem but I wasn't quite sure how much
of a problem it was. Seems to be bigger than I thought. The issue here
is two-fold. First, the Linux client needs to translate locking
semantics to match the needs of CIFS. Next, the Samba server needs to
translate to Posix semantics for all clients. Ouch.

- The core of the problem is that the database is being accessed as a
shared file, so each client must be able to read and write it
simultaneously--thus the importance of locking.

Sounds as though a client/server database would be a better bet.

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