Hello All,

I have been away from this list for a while.

If anyone is working on, or is interested in working on implementing
SAMBA 3.x and later on the OpenVMS platforms, can you please contact me,
either on this list, the samba-vms mailing list, or even by e-mail.

I am starting again to work on SAMBA for OpenVMS again, and would prefer
to collaborate with others, than to work alone.

I am also disclosing that I work at HP on the OpenVMS operating system,
but currently doing SAMBA work is not in my "official" position, so this
work, I am mostly doing on my own.

But that also means that I may be able to provide some assistance in
getting through some confusion on the various HP programs.

I can also help in setting up a build environment that can take
advantage of OpenVMS features.

What resources are available for interested parties:

HP has a program for Hobbyists where free licenses are available for
non-commercial home use of OpenVMS, and a user group is selling CD-ROM
media with the operating systems and compilers at a low cost.

There is an open source emulator for VAX that is available that will run
OpenVMS/VAX on many platforms including most Unixes.

For commercial ventures there is a DSPP program that allows licenses and
equipment to be purchased at reduce costs.

It is quite possible that for most purposes, the free hobby licenses are
all that are required.

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