On Thursday, August 26, 2004 20:58:45 +0200 Volker Lendecke
> Because AFS and Samba headers don't like each other, I had to make sure
> to not to include any samba stuff and not link against Samba .o files.
> The only thing I use is the nss_winbind.c library that tridge started
> explicitly for other and non-GPL products. It contains the following
> license header:
> /*
> nss sample code for extended winbindd functionality
> Copyright (C) Andrew Tridgell (tridge@samba.org)
> you are free to use this code in any way you see fit, including
> without restriction, using this code in your own products. You do
> not need to give any attribution.
> */

Oh, very good. Since that part of the file wasn't quoted in your patch, I
wasn't sure what the license on nss_winbind.c might be. That was the main
reason I suggested some care in what you link against.

You do also appear to be linking against OpenSSL's libcrypto, which has the
potential to be problematic (IIRC, OpenSSL has a non-GPL-compatible
license). I don't know if tridge's code has OpenSSL dependencies or if
that's only there for AFS's benefit; if the latter, you can replace the
reference with one to the libdes shipped with OpenAFS.