On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:

> of building interoperable implementations like Arla. I have been and expect
> to continue to be able to use the results of that work. And, there is
> actually quite a bit of published textual documentation, though some of it is
> rather old.

And more importantly, it's free: it was written under DOD contract and
thus is not encumbered.

> But most important is this point - copyrights do not protect ideas and
> information; they protect the _expression_ of ideas and information. I can't
> copy ptopcodes.h, but I _can_ tell you what the opcode is for each RPC. And
> in fact, what I do is generate headers mechanically from the registry tables
> (so, the work in generating PR_ops.h is entirely in writing down the registry
> table, which hasn't been done yet for this particular registry).
> Similarly, I can write documentation describing the ptserver RPC protocol,
> including telling you what all the RPC's do, what their names are, and what
> the types of their arguments are. I just can't copy text from IBM's
> documentation or code.