Hello NG,

i have following problem with my WinXP Clients and Samba 3.0.x

couldn't find service sourc

-> correct share name = source

I know this is a windows problem, but I found* following parameter:

w2k client workaround = yes

but testparm says me:

Unknown parameter encountered: "w2k client workaround"
Ignoring unknown parameter "w2k client workaround"

temporary I resolved it, so i export the shares in files and include
them with an additional "trimmed" sharename.

for example:

include = /etc/samba/share_source.conf
browsable = yes

include = /etc/samba/share_source.conf
browsable = no

It works but it isn't my preffered / final Solution. I use Samba
3.0.14a-3 on Debian 3.1 as productive System and a Testsystem with Samba
3.0.22 / 3.0.23d on Gentoo and Debian 3.1

Need i a special patch, has this parameter a another name or was this
"inofficial?" Option temporary and now obsolete?
I can't find this Parameter in any documentation, faq or changelog of
Samba 3.0.x ...

thanks Matthias

*) URLs:

(sorry for my terrible english)