Hi *,
I have a big problem with my samba 3.0.22 on my Debian Sarge box. I'm
using Samba as fileserver with ADS authentication. Now, after the time
conversion (28.20.06) from summer to winter time, I have problem with
file timestamps.

On my Windows XP Client I see wrong mtimes (modification times), for

with putty on my Linux box (mtime is right):
2006-10-26 15:29 assistenz

cmd on my Windows XP Client (mtime is wrong):
26.10.2006 14:29 assistenz

I have it analyzed and found out, that only files wich created in the
summer time has different mtimes, mtimes of files which are created in
wintertime are ok. What's going wrong?

with putty on my Linux box (mtime is right):
2005-12-06 23:17 deuta

cmd on my Windows XP Client (mtime is right too):
06.12.2005 23:17 deuta

I don't know what samba is doing, but hope someone can explain it to
me. Or can someone explain me how samba work with times? Date, time and
timezone settings on my Debian box and on my Windows Client are ok.

velu:/tmp# date
So Nov 5 13:03:07 CET 2006

velu:/tmp# cat /etc/timezone