Mixed FreeBSD (UNIX), Win 2000 Professional, SGI (IRIX - UNIX)
environment. SAMBA 3.0.23c installed on FreeBSD machine on clean install
after disk rebuild. Did not load from ports, Eventually !!!!! All
systems seems OK!

On FreeBSD machine
smbclient -L Host seems OK! for all machines on network
access through password prompt OK
But smbclient -L localhost -U% ==> tree connect failed:

On Windows machine(s)
All machine icons show up on Network
But accessing the FreeBSD machine does not work

[i] Presents Access Dialog box but accepts no user/password pair
reports unknown username or incorrect password
[ii] Changed passwords w/ smbpasswd username
'username' the same on FreeBSD & Windows machine

Access attempts ==> Microsoft Networking dialog box
"You do not have the appropriate access rights for this server.
For more information. Please contact your server administrator"

Other tests:
testparm seems ok!, complained about some share w/ longer than 8
character name, potential problem for some older clients [not

nmblookup -d 2 '*'
==> "Got a positive name query response ..." from all but one
machine on network - one windows response one did not. BTW,
neither Windows machine provide access.

==> Just shows 'No Locked Files' ... nothing else!!

==> Everything seemed OK, Loaded & processed shares
"Loaded service files OK"
> 8 char name complaint

Could someone advise further on what to do.

-- Adam --