I have problem configuring winbind to authenticate against Active
Directory (Windows Server 2003 R2 in native mode).
Our net topology seems as follows:
- We have PDCs for domain DOMA (i.e.) - there are user accounts for all
people on our university.
- We have PDC for domain DOMB (DC for our department) that holds
computer accounts.
- Between DOMA and DOMB is one side trust. So Windows clients in domain
DOMB can authenticate against user accounts both domains (prefered

I have problem configuring Linux box (FC5 now but it's not necessary)
to authenticate against DOMA. I have added it into DOMB and can
authenticate against DOMB accounts. But not against DOMA.

The wbinfo --sequence gives this:
BUILTIN : 1155834602
FEDORA : 1155834602
DOMB : 37926

Is it possible to authenticate this way? I suppose yes, but don't know

Thanks for any advice,