For some reason, my server will not properly perform group mapping.
The domain admin group shows up as "DOMAIN+domain admins" when I getent
group and when I try net groupadd ntgroup="DOMAIN+domain admins"
unixgroup=ntadmin it reports "successfully added group DOMAIN+domain
admins to the mapping db". However, when I do a getent group | grep
ntadmin I do not receive any user names listed.

When I run net groupmap list I receive
Domain Admins (...-512) -> -1
DOMAIN+Domain Admins (...-21605) -> ntadmin

Which appears a little odd to me - should there be two entries here
like this?
I've tried adjusting this a number of times, but I don't see how to map
the top entry to the correct group.

I've also tried the resolution posted at with no