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Samba is 3.0.22 on a CentOS 4 box.
Only Word and Excel write a temporary file, i have the same problem with
corel draw, and openoffice.
Office is 97 and XP. Openoffice is 2.0.

It's happening with eall shared folders.
All users have this problems.
It's happening only with existing files, previously saved.
It's not only happen on files that were created by someone else that you
are now editing.


Gary Dale a écrit :
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using samba, and sometime i can't save excel ou word file.
>> Windows tell me :
>> i can't save file as 'filename'. A temporary file 'AE751FLM' was
>> created. Close your file and save it with another name.
>> What's wrong ?
>> Why can i not same file sometime ?
>> Thanks

> Since you say "sometimes", I assume that sometimes you can save these
> files. A few obvious questions, since I don't know what you've tried
> or your level of expertise:
> - which version of Samba are you running?
> - is this happening with just excel and word files, or do you have
> problems saving other files as well?
> - which version of M$ Office are you using?
> - is this happening only in particular directories?
> - is this happening only for some users?
> - is this happening only on new files or does it happen on existing
> files that you had previously saved?
> - is this happening only on files that were created by someone else
> that you are now editing?

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