I am seeing odd behaviour with winbindd 3.0.21c on Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 4, with idmap_ad.

I have 'winbind enum users =3D yes', mainly for performance and load
evaluation purposes, since my AD setup currently has 8500 or so users
and in production will have many more. Only *one* of those users has
uidNumber, gidNumber, set to make it usable in the Linux environment.

When I say

getent passwd RABOTESTEU-gautierb

I see the entry for that user, but if I say

getent passwd

I don't.

I notice that source/nsswitch/winbindd_user.c contains a constant
MAX_GETPWENT_USERS which is set to 500. Could that be biting me? It
looks as if that constant is simply a 'batch size' (max number of users
to return per call?) but the loop that it controls seems to assume that
every user will have valid Linux attributes, which is not the case for
me. I think it will be causing lots of *empty* responses to be returned
to the client -- could that be causing confusion?

In any case, I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to where to look.


Bob Gautier
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